Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Roast Salad with Parsley Butter.

my housemate-cum-regular-dinner buddy, sio, requested to have some chicken tonight. we bought ourselves Woolworth's Herb & Mustard Marinade last night and figured to try that out, so my contribution for today is a side dish instead.

1 capsicum (red, for color)
1 pear
2 baby carrot
3 clove, garlic
8 button mushroom (i normally prefer cup mushrooms)
1 onion (i prefer spanish, but i only have brown)
3 bunch, parsley
1 inch, butter (sorry, don't know how to measure this properly)
3 tbsp, black pepper
2 bunch, spring onion/ scallion

Roast Salad with Parsley Butter, Ingredients.


Step 1: Choppity-Chop-Chop the Salad.
dice capsicum, carrots, pears, mushrooms and onions. toss them together to get a nicely colored salad.

The salad.

Step 2: Parsley Butter Sauce.
mince the parsley and garlic together into a fine grain.

melt the butter in your microwave for abt 10 seconds, and stir that into the parsley and garlic mixture.

Parsley Butter.

pour all of this into the salad and toss well to get an even coat of sauce on the salad.

Salad with sauce.

Step 3: Prepare your main.
this will be a good time to prepare your main dish because the salad will roast quite quickly. our main for tonight is chicken thigh in an off-the-shelf herb & mustard marinade. three pieces of chicken thighs marinaded and left to soak in the flavour for about 20 minutes. Roasted at about 180 degrees for about half an hour (but i'm really bad at roast/ grills in the oven, so please check your meat yourself).

Herb & Mustard Chicken.

(sio wanted to have some roasted garlic, so she threw those in with the chicken.)

Step 4: Roasting the Salad and Final Serve.
into the last 15 minutes of roasting my main, i set the salad into the oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. the salad should look nicely browned.

when the roasting is complete, bring the salad out and mix the black pepper in. chances are, the salad is going to taste very sweet, what with the butter and pear. so you'd want to adjust the amount of pepper accordingly. i topped it with the spring onions for added flavour.

Roast Salad with Parsley Butter, final serve.

we like it! but it really is quite a sweet salad so make sure your main appropriately balances that out.

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