Monday, September 25, 2006

Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken


Here's something i never knew i could make ...

only the video ... because the pictures look crappy ... no sunlight la. twas dinnertime.


(Serves 2 hungry students in 1 hr.)

here's the recipie:

2 chicken thighs
4 large white mushrooms
1 large white onion
2 red tomatoes
1/2 a brocolli
6 tbs honey mustard sauce
salt & pepper

step 1.
defrost and rinse chicken thighs. then spread honey mustard sauce liberally over chicken thighs. leave aside. turn on oven roaster to a reletively high heat just to get it going.

step 2.
slice mushrooms and lay them at the bottom of the roasting pan. sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper.

step 3.
cut up tomatoes and slice onion into rings. leave aside.

step 4.
place chicked thighs and whatever remaining sauce onto bed of sliced mushrooms and spread tomatoes and onions around and onto chicken in the roasting pan. place into oven and turn the heat down to a modest semi-high for 30 mins. (check on chicken at 15 mins to see that its sizzling.)

step 5.
after 30 mins, start blanching brocolli. you will add this to the roast later. (if you add it in any sooner without blanching/boiling) first, its gets all hard and rock-like.)

step 6.
check on the chicken, it should be turning a nice yellowy brown ... if you want, you can glaze the chicken wih more honey mustard to keep it moist. now, take your brocolli and place them in the remaining crevices it in the roast pan around your chicken. close the oven door and cook for another 15 minutes or till the chicken skin is a crisp golden brown. its ok if its slightly charred in some areas ... that happens.

step 7.
serve if your chicken looks done!
(if not .... eat the cooked parts then throw it back in the oven to cook again.)

its really very nice ....
kelvin gave the thumbs up.
just the mushrooms alone .... wah lao eh.

plus, i sound terrible in this video. must endeavor to speak like, nigella lawson.

yes must.


Anonymous said...



solvent_d said...

nice! i like the video presentation much, never thought of it despite the countless hours of watching cooking shows.

okay, i'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, then i'm going to begin posting too.

meanwhile, i'm just to set up this blog properly. having problems tagging and scripting the place to look nice.

it hard.

solvent_d said...

i just realised that you didn't mention mushrooms in your list of ingredients.

anyway, i like to drown my chicken in sauce for a good while (i.e. at least half an hour), but if i decide to only coat it a little, i try to ensure that the marinade gets under all that skin as well.

i also do like the idea of a vegetable bed. helps soak juices and gives vege flavour.

L. said...

i didnt mention the mushrooms!?

oh dear ... i'm sorry ... yes. mushrooms are very important.

they bring health and wealth to many!


i made something else thats reallllly nice today .. hahah