Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coriander Pan-Fried Lambchop.

Coriander Lambchop, served with edam cheese & oysters.

this is actually an alteration of what EDible suggested, however i've replaced chicken with lambchop, and cilantro with coriander.

don't ask.

3 clove, garlic
1 inch, ginger
2 lambchops
3 tsp, black pepper
2 tbsp, olive oil
2 tsp, salt
6 bunch, Coriander
*some* chinese rice wine


Step 1: Preparing the Lambchops.
rub salt and 2 tsp of black pepper onto lambchops. normally, this would do, but i love chinese rice wine with my red meat. so i splashed about 4 tbsp of rice wine onto the lambchops.

Lambchops prepared with salt, pepper and chinese rice wine.

set aside for about half an hour.

Step 2: Preparing Coriander.

Mincing coriander in cup!Mincing coriander in cup!


if like me, you don't have a mincer/ food processor, cut your coriander into a cup and start cutting it up in the cup. (i stole that food processing idea from learning how to mince some inedible leaves for erm... other purposes.)


chop the garlic and ginger up, and throw those into the cup and mince along. then throw the rest of the black pepper and olive oil into the mixture.

heat up a small pan over a small flame, and throw the mixture into the pan for a slow simmer. (Edible's instructions for the Cilantro doesn't require this, but i like to release added fragrances with some heat.)

heat for about a minute or two, then remove from flame.

Heating the coriander mixture in a pan.

Step 3: The Rest.

pan-fry the lambchops to whatever degree you like it. over a medium flame would be good, anything bigger would cause it to burn before it even cooks in the middle.

Get something like this might be nice.

serve on plate, and coat top of lambchop with the coriander mixture.

for this dinner, i'm throwing some edam cheese and oysters!


my housemate, sio, says she "really like(s) it".

i thought coriander might have been a good substitue for mint and parsley, but clearly i was wrong because coriander just doesn't have strong enough a flavour. the garlic seemed to overpower the mixture a little, so if you're a fan of coriander like i am, perhaps you'd like to try less garlic.


L. said...

eh. your recipie very Posh.

you're posh spice...

Ed Tep said...

Thanks for giving the recipe a try! I'd never even thought about trying this with lambchops. And I really like your idea of marinating the meat with rice wine. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

solvent_d said...

ed - tks! do enjoy your recipes quite a bit myself -- hence the adaptation :)

l - you can't spell "recipe"! heehee... recipe's mainly from ed, but i think the key to looking 'posh' is to have your food look good and always made with LOTS OF LUUUUV!

food cooked without love always tastes funny, and not in a good way.

sio said...

this was my favourite meal so far...i always liked a bit of crunch in the mixture and i'm a big fan of garlic and ginger. and lambs!

i'm so glad i'm ur flatmate.