Thursday, September 28, 2006

effortless ABC Soup for the busy student


I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now, and i didn't have the time to take any pictures of tonight's meal, so we're going to have to use a little bit of our ... IMAGINATION.

this meal is by no means imaginary, it is rather economical and very delicious when you have no time or variety of ingredients to cook for 4 people.

and you serve it as is.
no fuss, no frills, minimal washing up.
one pot, one person's problem.

so here goes, a recipe for what some people call: ABC SOUP

Ingredients (serves 4)

4 carrots (regular sized)
4 potatoes (medium sized)
4 onions (medium sized)
1/3 chicken cube
1 slab of lean pork (wholly optional add only if u want some meat. can be substituted by any other meat really. just be aware of how to prepare the meat beforehand.)
salt & pepper to taste

step 1
peel and wash the A-carrot, B-potatoes and C-onions.

step 2
cut everything into bite-sized chunks and dump into the pot.

(Optional step)
cut up pork into bite sized cubes and marinate with soy sauce for about 10 minutes. then throw it in the pot with everything else.

step 3
fill the pot with water to reach about 2 litres of water (or a little more if u want more soup), throw in the 1/3 chicken cube and let the pot cook till al the ingredients cook through and the soup becomes infused by the sweetness of the now tender carrots, onions and potatoes. add salt and pepper to taste.


this dish should take about 30 minutes to cook itself. just rememeber to check on it on occasion, so your kitchen doesn't burn down by accident.

safety first :) we actually had to run out of the building for 10 minutes beacuse of a badly timed firedrill. you can always turn your cooker off and come back to it later. its so simple a recipe that even that works.

so, with our IMAGINATION,

visualise a piping hot pot of tender vegetables in a sweet and savoury broth with succulent chunks of meat ...

best served with steamed rice and chilli padi in soysauce dip.

and thats ABC soup.

back to paper writing! try it!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can call it the COP soup instead? C-carrot O-onion P-potato

solvent_d said...

nice one. i've seriously never actually heard of the ABC soup, but my grandma does have a similar recipe with similar ingredients so maybe that's it.

she uses pork ribs instead of lean pork because marrows give you added flavour. also, i think she throws in cabbage which gives the soup a lovely sweetness.

not so sure about the chicken stock cube though... hmmm...

L. said...

I had to use whatever meat i had in the fridge .... it still works tho.

i think if you throw in duck it'll still work.

but not fish. hm. no.