Saturday, August 04, 2007

Instant "Mama" Tom Yam Noodles.

gosh, thousand apologies for the lack of updates here. to say the least, school has been kicking my ass so badly that i haven't had much time to spend in the kitchen. what little 'culinary experience' remains limited to vicarious examples from watching Top Chef. at best, it's me jazzing up a bowl of instant noodles...

but hey, you know what? if there's anything i need to share with people, it's that the best brand of instant tom yam noodles is this Thai brand called "MaMa", which is available at most asian grocers.

Tom Yam Packaging.

i remember my mother bringing them home from her trip to Bangkok more than a decade ago. back then, the noodles was a hard find, and we had to assuage our fix by driving out to singapore's Golden Mile Complex--what we called the Little Thailand of singapore--where she would make me lug two cartons of the noodles.

the dried noodles in the pack is amazingly fragrant, thanks to what i suspect to be a par-cook process, likely a quick-fry. so straight out of the pack, the noodles already taste great without the need of any heat-involved cooking. the tom yam seasoning includes a sachet containing chilli oil, and that i guess is its winning formula. not to forget the fact that its tom yam stock powder is nice and spicy.

all right, that's all the attention i'm allowing the noodles. i really don't want to encourage people to centre their dietary needs on instant noodles :) shall attempt to share some recipes soon. meanwhile, continue enjoying your food people!


Anonymous said...

Dude! you can do so much with these noodles. You're just not doing them justice. Add some bean shoots, large peices of iceberg, dried shrimp (the big ones), fish/octopus/crab/tofu/miscellaneous balls. These used to be my favourite but I've found a better spicier tastier version with even more of the aforementioned chilli oil. Can't remember the name of it though, but I can recognise the packaging... its devilishly red

evangeline said...

You guys run such an awesome blog. i live in the uk too and totally understand the meaning of "full-time student budget". Will try some recipes soon!

Anonymous said...


helen said...

I love those noodles. I poach and egg in it, OMG so good. Ok I poach an egg in all my instant noodles- mmmMMMM!

When we were younger we would take the noodles. crush them up a bit, so it's in large chunks, add the dry seasonings shake it up and eat it that way. It was so popular even our white friends were doing it=)

The other day I caught my sister doing that and stole some, it's still pretty tasty as a snack.

Andy the Android said...

yup yup yup, take these to work with a bunch of cut up fresh veggies for a cheap as lunch. Same brand noodles i saw all the thai kids running around eating when i was there.