Wednesday, May 09, 2007

updates, or lackthereof.

L. and i are busy applying to various new schools to further our studies. she's hoping to get into a good film school in london, and i'm hoping to get into law school in either sydney or melbourne.

other than that, school has been a factor for our blog being such a non-event, but we thank everyone who continues to visit. there're some recipes that i've been meaning to post but haven't had the time; watch out for them this month.


our heartfelt gratitude to new linkages:

Anne Jovi
we were hoping you'd reveal exactly how you managed the paper-mâché issue. also, i have similar disdain towards jamie oliver's cooking for the same reasons you cited; glad to know i'm not alone in the world!

The Secret Foodie
really nice to see a fellow student on the hunt for good food! we're keeping an eye on your not-so-secret adventures for recommendations.

Where's The Beef?
where is the beef, indeed! gosh, okay, i was always no fan of not eating meat, but i'm really intrigued by the array of vegan food that looks soooo delicious! mmmmMMMmmmMMMM....


Cindy said...

Hey, thanks for the link. :-) We guarantee no beef, but plenty of tasty food to get your teeth into!

Good luck to both of you on your uni/school applications - hope it all goes smoothly and we can see you cooking regularly again!

Anne said...

Good luck with the schools thing. As for the Papier Mache!

I holed in one! Coudln't find anything online and at the last minute decided to download the sheet music for the song that we played at our wedding (paper anniversary), popped the pages into 4 frames and bingo - paper wedding present.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Gemini, my name is Fran, I come from Sunshine. I've just started a general discussion board talking about Melbourne, our news, events and people - with a special emphasis on community groups and events. As such I'm emailing everyone in Melbourne about it... well, maybe it just feels that way!

You could link to and promote your blog. You could write restaurant reviews, contribute ideas, photographs and links to items of interest about our town. You could use it to get ideas and "take the pulse" of Melbourne, to meet other bloggers and arrange collaborations.

I hope that you will participate!