Monday, April 02, 2007

Shelling A Hard Boiled Egg.

i'm just completely impressed with this:

[via Queerclick's Sticky]


L. said...

what the ... he took off both ends and BLEW?

im confused.

i usually shell my eggs by throwing them against a wall and watching them bounce off as i shake my head in dissappointment.

solvent_d said...

yeah, isn't it amazing? i know it's kinda unhygienic, but the shelling takes less than 30 seconds, and the egg comes out perfectly.

plus, you could always wash the egg, so the hygiene part isn't that bad.

jo said...

the egg blowing though errm amazing but a bit too much for me... dun think i wanna eat an egg which has been blown by the chef... best to hand peel as usual la...