Sunday, April 01, 2007

Simple Minty Couscous

Couscous is probably the fastest thing to cook. ever.
Actually, you don't even need to cook it.
its like a strange conceptual cross between rice and pasta.

Its great as a side dish, or if you're like me, you have sides as a main for lunch ...

The ingredients *look* fancy, but i got them on special offer at the supermarket bargain bin.
the balsamic vinegar cost me one pound (i am suspicious of it's authenticity, but its still vinegar so i don't really mind).

I haven't been cooking as regularly as I'd like, due to several unforeseen circumstances (read: flooded kitchen) in addition to general laziness and the lack of well, heart.

You need love to cook.
(which means cooking when depressed, or stressed, is disastrous. for me at least)

Oh well, on to the recipe.

1 cup couscous
2 tbs mint sauce
2 tbs balsamic vinegar
1 tbs mixed herbs
3 tbs olive oil
a little over a cup of water
salt and black pepper to taste

Extra Ingredients.
some lettuce or some other salad greens
(its like, the side to my side)

Special Equipment.
a microwave oven
microwavable container / bowl with a lid

1 or 2 (depending on how hungry you are)

Step 1: Preparing the ingredients.
Grab a plate and dress it with some salad greens.
Measure out your cup of couscous and pour into your microwavable container.

Step 2: Adding taste.
Because couscous will suck up and expand in ANY liquid, we do the dry bits first.
Mix into your bowl of dry couscous, the herbs, a pinch of salt, a few twists of black pepper, then followed by the mint sauce and then the balsamic vinegar, and use a fork and mix it all up.
It should still be relatively dry at this point.

Step 3: Adding moisture.
Here's the fun bit. Very quickly, add water to your couscous till a point about 1.5 centimeters over the level of couscous, lightly cover with the lid and pop into the microwave oven at max for one minute.

You don't really need to put it in the microwave, because it will expand anyway in cold water over time (which is why all the dry bits went in first) but i like the little bit of heat and steam to 'cook' the stuff i put into the couscous, and to warm it.

Step 4: Fluff it.
Once the microwave dings, let it sit for about thirty seconds and be careful of the steam as you take it out. get your olive oil and drizzle it over your couscous and fluff everything up with your fork.

Have a taste and add more salt and black pepper and maybe olive oil if you'd like.

Final Serve.

Fluff the couscous onto your bed of greens and enjoy!

I actually usually do couscous Mediterranean style, but I finished my olives and tomatoes ... so ... next time then. :)

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solvent_d said...

omg! have to admit that i'm not a big fan of couscous ( i'll eat it anyway), but yours looks somewhat appetising--must be the photography!

anyway, i completely agree that cooking requires love. my food often turns out bad if i'm not emotionally invested. weird huh? a dash of pepper, a pinch of salt but always with a lot of love.