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Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree.

Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree.

my weekly detox exercise comprises of refuging at ryce's place in Brunswick, which happens to be in one of them boho-type suburbs. a perfect setting for respite, considering the low buildings, not terribly bad traffic, paced serenity and easy stream of cute lads. as repayment for the peace and quiet, i've made myself in-charge of preparing wholesome meals with whatever ryce has in her kitchen. it isn't too difficult for compared to mine, her kitchen naturally comes with a much healthier rating.

if only i could prevent her from over-snacking now...


our chicken rice from the other night provided us with enough leftover for two rounds of fried rice. with both our lunch and dinner covered, the only logical thing to do is dessert!

(for crepes)
2 eggs
1.5 cup, fresh milk
1 cup, flour
1 tsp, salt
2 tsp, sugar
2 tsp, butter
2 lemons

(for puree)
3 slice, pawpaw
1 orange
.5 cup, sugar
.5 cup, port wine


Step 1: Preparing the crepe batter.

too simple; mix everything!

my process: beat eggs, add sugar, salt, flour and then milk. slice the lemon, add lemon juice to the mixture, and grate some lemon zest into the mix.

set aside in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree: Crepe batter.

NOTE: most people like to add 1 tbsp of vanilla extract into their batter. personally, i like to keep it fruity. my general rule is to balance tastes, therefore in this case, my puree is largely sugary, so the batter gets a hint of citrusy instead.

Step 2: Preparing the puree.

dice the pawpaw into smaller-than-bitesize pieces and add that into a pot.

skin your orange, and very carefully extract the pulp without juicing it. we want to keep the juice in it.

over a small-medium flame, add sugar into the pawpaw and keep stirring. when the mixture caramelises (it browns), add the port in and let the whole thing come to a slow boil--that should take 5-7 minutes. once it boils, remove from flame and leave it to cool.

throw the orange pulp in once it has cooled.

Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree: Cooked puree.


1) purees are normally processed to a fine grain. i like mine slightly coarse for dessert because i always have something smoother to match. when you stir the puree over the flame, you'd notice that the bits eventually break into smaller parts, so no worries about over-chunkiness.

2) my usual puree comprises strawberries (sweet) and kiwis (sour). you can basically use any fruit to make puree, so try it with your favourites!

Step 3: Cooking the crepes.

pan. medium flame. some oil.

oil your pan before you start on any crepe. abt 1 tsp is more than enough for a good wok--ryce has a Tefal wok-pan.

i add 2 rice-scoop (roughly 2 tbsp) worth of batter into the pan, and let it set and cook for about 3 minutes. the edges will brown, and when it's more or less cooked, you'd realise that they slip off the pan quite easily. lift it with a spatula to check that it's nicely browned on the underside, before you flip it over to cook for another 2 minutes.

Crepe with Pawpaw Puree: Frying crepe.

when you're all done, you'd have a short pile of 7-8 crepes!

Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree: Crepes!

Final Serve.
to make it fun, let your friends roll their own crepe. as ryce will demonstrate:

1) spread puree sauce over the crepe. pour some puree bits enough to cover slightly less than the bottom half of the crepe, from which you'd start rolling.

Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree: Step 1.

2) keep it tight, and slightly let the puree flow to the side and keep rolling till you get a nice roll that wouldn't flip open.

Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree: Step 2.


Crepe with Chunky Pawpaw Puree.

good with some french vanilla ice cream or whipped cream! of course, completely sinful so go. very. easy.

Bon App├ętit!

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L. said...

WAHHHHH desert!!! luxury of luxuries!

i think kelvin will be reallllly happy with this ... maybe i'll try it for mooncake festival this friday ...

ann's coming too! from london!